Android and Arduino Bluetooth communication

In this post I will be talking about how to get an Arduino and an Android tablet talking to each other using Bluetooth

We will be using an Arduino Uno ($29.95) with a Silver Bluetooth Mate ($40.95) from, and my Samsung Galaxy 7.0 running Android 2.3.4.

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Gyro sensor as a rotation sensor

I have some augmented reality game ideas and one of them requires that I have the ability to track the rotation of a cannon (you know a cannon ) I thought that a triple axis gyro sensor might do the trick so I setup a little experiment:

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Getting set up for augmented reality using XNA and Kinect

Augmented RealityThe term virtual reality has gotten kind of stale and dusty.  It seemed really cool back when I was a kid, but for whatever reason it has fallen out of vogue. But augmented reality is here to take its place.

Random example from YouTube:

Wikipedia entry:

I want to get started making augmented reality apps, so I figure to get going I need two things: a live video feed (lets call that reality for now), and a way to draw 3d stuff on top of it. I will be using the Kinect for the video feed and using Microsoft’s XNA framework to do the 3d drawing. In this post I will describe how to bring in live Kinect video footage and draw 3d XNA content on top of it

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Masking video frames using the Kinect’s depth data

Since the xbox kinect has that nice video camera  on top of that nifty depth camera I figured it would be fun to see if I could use that depth data to combine the color data two different frames.  Specifically, I want to take a snapshot of the current video feed and then combine it with the ongoing video feed. You know. That way you can clone yourself.

Check out this video:

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Hello, world.

It is pretty much traditional to begin all new programming related things with a quick “Hello, world”. So…… Hello, World.

In this blog I hope to talk about exciting programming things like augmented reality, time dilation video filters and proceduraly generated animations. But honestly, who knows where it will go (if anywhere).

During the day I put my Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts to good use working as a C# web developer doing mostly back end work. After hours you will find me working on welding steel sculptures together or trying to match the xbox kinect’s depth data to the video feed.

Hello, World.

I am Matt Bell